Collège La Cité Joins the Canadian Bio-Cleantech Applied Research Network

The Canadian Bio-Cleantech Applied Research Network (CBARN) is pleased to formally welcome its latest member, Collège La Cité. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, La Cité is a key player in the realm of applied college research, supporting economic innovation through their expertise in bio-innovation and intelligent prototyping.

At the forefront of the bio-technology sector, La Cité’s Centre for Access to Technology in Bio-Innovation (CAT-B) plays a pivotal role in expediting business innovation by offering support for product development and enhancement. Their team boasts proficiency in microbiology, bioprocesses, tissue culture, cellular and molecular biology, enabling them to lead a wide range of bio-based research initiatives.

CAT-B stands as a preeminent research facility, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. Backed by cutting-edge equipment, some unique in Canada, and leading experts in the field, CAT-B provides invaluable support across applications such as precision fermentation, cellular agriculture, cannabis tissue culture and point of care diagnostic.

The addition of La Cité to the CBARN network is a significant milestone, enhancing our capabilities and infrastructure, thus broadening our reach to a wider spectrum of industries and businesses. We look forward to the opportunities this new partnership will bring and are committed to nurturing the growth of our network.

Learn more about La Cité and CAT-B here.